Cultura Tres is currently busy with their upcoming album which has been recorded in Tenerife - Spain, and Amsterdam - The Netherlands. This will be the debut on drums for Benoit Martiny, who joined the band last year.

Due to the departure of drummer David Abbink the band decided to take a brake from touring and dedicate time to write a new album and develop further musically. This new album is planned to be launched at the end of the year.

A show has been planned, the 24th of october the band will be performing at the Melkweg in Amsterdam - The Netherlands. An expected tour will follow up further.


Strong criticism of the aboriginal holocaust, the religious invasion and polluting of the rainforest are some of the concepts that visualize the hypnotic chants and grunts, revealing a powerful narrative of greed and death. “La Selva Se Muere”, an agonizing mixture of psychedelic guitar work and haunting vocals, comes from CULTURA TRES latest album “Rezando Al Miedo” released last year on the UK based label Devouter Records. The video was shot on location in the midst of the Venezuelan Amazons and Médanos de Coro National Park.

The band has been working hard behind the scenes following the arrival of Benoit Martiny on drums and are busy writing their 4th album, the follow up to the widely acclaimed predecessor “Rezando Al Miedo”.


The South American sludge metal keeps showing its ugly face - right after the premiere of Cultura Tres's third album "Rezando Al Miedo" the Venezuelans come up with the first video supporting this release.

"Es Mi Sangre" shows again the band's twisted, uncomfortable interpretation of the genre. A more melodic side of Cultura Tres can be heard, but now it is darker and more disturbing.The imagery of the video has been enhanced by the paintings of Damian Michaels; an artist known for his vast collection of dark surrealism. Damian's art melts perfectly with the Latin American witchery vibe which is ominous within the style of Cultura Tres.